BTCPay Store Settings

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BTCPay Shop Einstellungen


BTCPay Store Settings

The chapter BTCPay Store Settings deals with further settings of a BTCPay Store. The previous chapters were about setting up BTCPay Store and then administering BTCPay Store.

BTCPay Shop Settings

Further settings for the BTCPay Shop


BTCPay Shop Settings - BTCPay Apps

BTCPay Shop Settings – BTCPay Apps

Apps are applications provided by BTCPay Server. After you create a store or store, an app can be linked to it.

There are currently two standard applications. A detailed description of these applications is explained on separate pages.

These are:


BTCPay Wallets

BTCPay Wallets

There is no wallet within the BTCPay server. It is communicated exclusively with external wallets where the user has full access to the private keys (xprv). Within the BTCPay server, only the public key (xPub) is stored or linked to the wallets.

In the corresponding instructions, the Electrum Wallet is used as an example to explain how the XPub key is stored.

With the help of the Electrum Wallet, the reception and management of Bitcoin payments takes place.

Now, however, it may be necessary to send a refund for a payment to an end customer. This is possible and is referred to by BTCPay as an “internal wallet”. This term is somewhat confusing and can be misunderstood. The “internal wallet” is a hardware wallet (here Ledger Nano S), which is connected as a wallet to the BTCPay server. However, automated payments cannot be made. Any payment must be released by the merchant manually on his hardware wallet.

An English-language video such as the Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano and an Electrum Wallet can be found in the following video:


BTCPay Invoices

BTCPay Invoices

For each payment transaction, an Invoice is created in the system. This is not an invoice in the sense of accounting, but rather a payment request in which the payment page is displayed to the customer. Each time a payment page is generated and displayed, this is recorded as Invoice under the menu item Invoices.

A detailed explanation of Invoices can be found in the application description invoice letter under Invoices.

Payment Requests

BTCPay Payment Requests

BTCPay Payment Requests

Under the menu item “Payment Requests” payment requests can be created via a web frontend, which are then sent to the payer by email. This solution is suitable if you have sent your customer a normal euro invoice. However, the bill recipient would like to settle his invoice with Bitcoin. Then a payment request can be sent to the customer via the Euro amount and you expect the Bitcoin payment receipt.

A detailed description can be found in the application description Writing invoice under Payment Request.

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This post is also available in: German