Create a BTCPay Store

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BTCPay Shop erstellen


Create a BTCPay Store

In a step-by-step guide, here we explain how to create and set up a BTCPay store. As an example we use the setup of a demo store, which you can create at

You can also use this manual if you have set up your own payment server and want to create a store on it or if you have your store with another third-party provider.

The BTCPay Shop or BTCPay Store manual is divided into four pages:

Definition of determinae

Also at this point the name Shop or Store in connection with the BTCPay Server must be explained.

The name Shop and Store can be somewhat misleading. This is not about an online shop or shop software. It is about the payment processing for Bitcoin payments, which is integrated into a shop (e.g. WooCommerce, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop ) or in a project.

Create a BTCPay Store Account

This guide explains how to set up a BTCPay store. This setup can be done on your own BTCPay server or at a BTCPay Third Party Hoster.

BTCPay Server Login

Coincharge offers you the possibility to set up and use a BTCPay demo store for free on the Coincharge BTCPay server.

When the page has been called, the opposite page appears.

If you have already created an account, you can now login with your login data.

If you do not have an account yet, you have to register first.

To create a new account, click on the “Create your account” link below.

Now you set your email address and password.

The password must have a minimum length of six characters.

BTCPay Server Register
BTCPay Shop - Email Confirm

Once the system has created the account, a message will appear asking you to confirm the email address.

The following email will appear in his email mailbox.

BTCPay Shop Email Confirmation

There may be problems with making email addresses. Emails from Gmail accounts sometimes don’t arrive. Please check the spam filter. Otherwise, write an email via the contact form or report it to us via the Telegram group We then unlock the access manually.

Sign up for BTCPay Shop

If you have clicked on the link, this “empty” page will appear. Here you have to click on Login in the upper right corner.

Create a BTCPay Store

After you have logged in, the adjoining view appears. If you have logged in on an already existing BTCPay server, like Coincharge, then the adjoining view appears.

If you are logged on to your own BTCPay server, you have admin rights there. Then you will get additional setting options, such as Server Settings.

BTCPay User Dashboard
BTCpay create a new store

Now a store must be generated. To do this, click on the store navigation point and get to this page.

Click on “create a new store”

Then the name of the store must be set. In our example, we choose the name Coinpages.

BTCpay create a new store
Manage Store

The store / shop is created and the area appears by the store can be administered

This article explained how to set up an account on a BTCPy server and how to create a new BTCPay Store.

The following article explains how to set up a BTCPay store and the general settings.


The BTCPay Shop or BTCPay Store manual is divided into four pages:

This post is also available in: German