Get a few Satoshi with a Bitcoin Donation Button

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With a Bitcoin Donation button, bloggers, YouTubers and influencers can receive donations in the form of Bitcoin from their own fans.

Learn how to get Bitcoin from your fans with a Bitcoin Donation Button on your website, blog or post.

In the past, media such as radio, television, magazines and newspapers were used to entertain and inform themselves.

The importance of publishers and media houses continues to decline with increasing digitalization.

Most of the content no longer comes from publishers and media houses, but from YouTubers, gamers, influencers or bloggers.

They produce their own content, posts and videos, which are made up of new media such as social media, blogs and apps. This content is presented in digital form on the Internet and on the smartphone.

A huge amount of digital content is produced and disseminated:

  • More than 2 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day.
  • 1 billion stories are shared daily via Facebook products (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  • Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

These figures will continue to increase as the annual growth rate is 16.5.

But who consumes all this content? It is an expanding and global market:

  • There are 4.18 billion mobile Internet users worldwide.
  • 100 of the 18- to 29-year-olds are on the Internet.
  • The average Internet user spends 6.5 hours online every day.

But how do these YouTubers, influencers and bloggers make their money from it?

A significant income is the participation in the advertising revenue of the corresponding platforms on which the content and videos are presented.

Another source of income is the promotion of products either as sponsorship or as a success fee for the recommendation in the context of affiliate marketing.

The financial support from their own fans is becoming increasingly important. The followers, fans and viewers voluntarily pay a small amount to appreciate and support the work.

This donation is referred to as a tip.

This source of income is becoming increasingly important and in some cases already exceeds other sources of income.

Top gaming streamers such as Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang claim that donations account for a significant portion of his revenue and often exceed advertising revenue.

But how do these people monetize their content on the Internet? How do you get your audience to pay for the content and how do these providers receive the appropriate payments?

Previously, PayPal was used to pay for tips, but there are some drawbacks with PayPal.

The sender and recipient of the payment must each have a PayPal account.

PayPal’s fees are uneconomical for smaller merchants with 2.9 + 0.30 euros per payment for micro payments.

PayPal does not accept every merchant and censors numerous business models.

What payment method is available worldwide, accepts every content provider without restriction, and supports payment of small amounts?

The solution offers the receipt of donations in the form of Bitcoin or Lightning payments.

The Bitcoin Donation Button

Without much prior knowledge, a donation button can be placed on your own homepage.

Bitcoin Donation Button
Bitcoin Donation Button

If a follower wants to support the influencer’s work, he clicks on the button and a payment window opens.

It is possible to determine and send a freely selected amount.

The payment can be a few cents as a Lightning payment and as a bitcoin payment the equivalent of a few euros.

Are you a YouTuber, run your own blog or have numerous followers on Twitter and Instagram?

Then a Bitcoin Donation Button is an ideal solution to get Bitcoin quickly and easily from its fans and followers.

The simplest form is to specify a QR code with its own Bitcoin address.

All you have to do is set up a Bitcoin wallet and post a screenshot of the QR code of your Bitcoin address on your website.

You always use the same Bitcoin recipient address.

A more convenient solution is to integrate the solution from

With both solutions, the recipient of the payment registers and receives an HTML code, which is incorporated into his page. The service providers organise the receipt of incoming payments and you can freely dispose of your credit balance yourself.

An independent solution can be solved via the Donation button offered by some Bitcoin payment providers.

How to set up your own Bitcoin Donation Button with the BTCPay server is explained in the user example “Create Bitcoin Donation Button with BTCPay“.

With the help of Bitcoin and Lightning, YouTubers, bloggers and influencers can become more independent and take more care of the interests of their own fans and followers.

Less consideration can be given to the interests of sponsors and advertisers when it takes contributions.

The good content is becoming more and more important, because the content has to convince the fans. Because only if the content is convincing, then it is also rewarded with voluntary Bitcoin donations.

This can lead to a transformation of digital content. YouTubers and influencers will increasingly develop into their own brand, giving them some independence from the platforms.

A Bitcoin donation button thus not only becomes a source of income, but brings greater independence and sovereignty for the provider of the offer.

This post is also available in: German

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