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Pay Paywall for wordpress with bitcoin lightning pay

How to charge for individual articles or blog posts?

With the help of a Lightning paywall, you can charge for individual newspaper articles (pay-per-article) or blog posts (pay-per-post).

An article, about the different providers of Lightning Paywalls can be found at: Payment per newspaper article with Bitcoin Lightning.

This page shows in practice how an article can be paid and unlocked with Lightning.

If you want to pay for this article, you will need a Bitcoin Lightning wallet and some Satoshi to make the payment. If you would like to try the Lightning payment for yourself, you can get more information and a few Satoshis for free at

Paywall with Bitcoin Lightning

How such a paywall with Bitcoin Lightning works you can see in this example. Up to this point the article was free.

From this point on, the article disappears behind the Lightning paywall.

You can unlock the article with a Bitcoin Lightning payment for 10 Satoshi, which is the equivalent of half a cent.


[lnpw_start_content pay_block=”true”]

Congratulations. You have successfully overcome the payment paywall.

Without registration or a monthly subscription, individual newspaper articles and contributions can be sold with just a few clicks.

Interested readers are also willing to pay for a high-quality article. But the price has to be reasonable. But for many readers, paying an entire monthly subscription for a single article is simply too much.

After all, a reader with a wide range of interests would not only have to take out a subscription to an online service or newspaper, but to a large number of publishers.

Thus, the sale per article would be an ideal addition to the existing billing models.

The special feature of Lightning is that you can offer an article for just a few cents. The costs for payment processing amount to only a few millicents.

Thus, Lightning billing also becomes economically viable.

Due to the spread of Bitcoin and thus the payment option via Lightning is gaining an ever-increasing spread. It is available without restriction to any publisher and any reader. Every reader with a Lightning wallet can use it to pay at any online offer.

Do you also want to protect your site with a paywall and earn a few satoshi per article?

Include a Lightning Paywall on your own website.

In the article “Payment per newspaper article with Lightning” we present the different Lightning paywall solutions, which help you to implement pay-per-article and pay-per-post business models.

You have just experienced how easy it is.

Payment Paywall-per-lightning

This post is also available in: German

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