Pay a Paywall with Bitcoin Lightning

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Pay a Paywall for WordPress with Bitcoin Lightning

How can individual articles or blog posts be offered for a fee?

With the help of a Lightning Paywall, individual newspaper articles (pay-per-article) or blog posts (pay-per-post) can be billed.

An article about the different providers of Lightning Paywalls can be found at Payment per newspaper article with Bitcoin Lightning

This page shows in practice how an article can be paid and activated with Lightning.

If you want to pay this fee, you will need a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet.

For an overview of different Lightning Wallets, see Lightning Wallets

To try out, we recommend the Lightning Wallet with the name Wallet of Satoshi, which is available for iOS and Android.

We also donate 100sats so you can try the Lightning payment here.

On the site: you can pick up the Satoshi for free and then make the payment here.

Paywall for WordPress with Bitcoin Lightning

You can see how such a Paywall works with Bitcoin Lightning in this example. Up to this point, the contribution was free of charge.

From this point on, the item disappears behind the Lightning Paywall.

You can unlock the article with a Bitcoin Lightning payment of 50 Staoshi. This corresponds to the equivalent of half a cent.

This post is also available in: German

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