Pay a Paywall with Bitcoin Lightning

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Pay a Paywall for WordPress with Bitcoin Lightning

Have you previously been offering content on the Internet for free? Protect your content with a Paywall.

Set up a Paywall on your WordPress page and have the content unlocked with a Lightning payment.

Until now, publishers are trying to protect the content behind a payment barrier, which the reader can unlock with a paid monthly subscription.

But readers aren’t willing to sign up for an expensive subscription if you just want to read one article. The reader tries to bypass the Paywall

Many readers are aware of the problem. You will find an interesting article, which is either framed by annoying banner advertising or behind a Paywall for which you have to complete an expensive monthly subscription. Even free trial subscriptions require registration with the disclosure of personal data.

With Lightning, payments per newspaper item can be offered for a few cents. The reader does not have to register, but executes the payment with one click and can read the article without interruption to the end.

The newspaper article is located behind a Paywall and is unlocked with a Bitcoin Lightning payment.

This can be implemented with Lightning Publisher for every article published via WordPress.

If you would like to offer your articles for a fee, then you can find the post at: “Payments per newspaper article with Lightning

If you want to pay this fee, you will need a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet. For an overview of different Lightning Wallets, see Lightning Wallets

If you need support during the implementation, we can also install a Paywall in your online presence.

To try out, we recommend the Lightning Wallet with the name Wallet of Satoshi, which is available for iOS and Android.

Paywall for WordPress with Bitcoin Lightning

You can see how such a Paywall works with Bitcoin Lightning in this example. Up to this point, the contribution was free of charge.

From this point on, the item disappears behind the Lightning Paywall. You can unlock the item with a Bitcoin Lightning payment equivalent to 5 cents. Click on the Blue Lightning Button.



This post is also available in: German

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