Bitcoin Crowdfunding System

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So erstellst Du ein Bitcoin Crowdfunding System


Bitcoin Crowdfunding, Project Financing and Fundraising

Fund your personal project via Bitcoin Crowdfunding for creative, entrepreneurial, social and private projects.

Would you like to raise money from multiple people to fund a gift, trip or crowdfunding campaign?

Realizing a book project, renovating the playground, creating an exhibition or raising money for the sports festival?

With the Bitcoin Crowdfunding App you can create your own funding campaign and friends, colleagues, family or even strangers can support your project through fundraising.

Describe the project and indicate what Bitcoin amount to collect to finance the gift or project.

The balance from the campaign flows directly into the creator’s wallet.

User view of the Bitcoin Crowdfunding Campaign

Click on the image to see the view for end users:

Bitcoin Crowdfunding Wedding Gift

Bitcoin Crowdfunding Wedding Gift

Switch to view for users: Bitcoin crowdfunding campaign

Create Bitcoin Crowdfunding Campaign

A group raises money to jointly finance a larger project.

  • Collecting donations for a social purpose (fundraising)
  • Raise money for private purposes such as birthday party, wedding gift, stand-off or funeral
  • Financing of a major project from health, open source, book, film,
  • Realization of a business model and production of the products

With the help of the Bitcoin Crowdfunding App within BTCPay Server, a wide variety of projects can be realized.

When it comes to raising funds, the Bitcoin Crowdfunding app meets all the required requirements.

In addition, if goods are to be sent to the donors, a shop software is also required. Here the Bitcoin Crowdfunding App works together with the Woocommerce Shop solution.

You can implement the following projects with the Bitcoin Crowdfunding App:

  • Collecting donations
  • Financing of a concrete project
  • Pre-financing of a product, for production and delivery (with Woocommerce)
  • Support and Supporter Packages for People, YouTubers, Influencers and Artists
  • Voting System

To demonstrate the possibilities of the Bitcoin Crowdfunding app, we have created a demo page.

The demo application is about collecting for a wedding gift.

The demo application can be used at:

be viewed.

Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Bitcoin Crowdfunding

A featured image can be created in the upper area. Underneath, the title for the project is given. To the right, the amount to be collected is displayed.

Hardcap is this amount if no further donations are accepted when the goal is reached. The project is closed. With a softcap, donations can continue even after the goal has been reached.

This will show how much has already been donated, how much percent of the target has been reached and how many donors there are so far.

The tagline is the heading for the project description.

The so-called perks are listed under the heading Contribute.

These are sub-projects. These are individual events that can be financed using the example of the honeymoon.

Bitcoin Crowdfunding Contribute

Bitcoin Crowdfunding Contribute

These individual projects can be set as a fixed or flexible amount. For example, it can be said that you pay the hotel bill in the romantic hotel in the amount of €49,- (fixed amount) or give as much as you want for the distance (flexible amount).

To create your own Bitcoin crowdfunding page, go to apps within BTCPay Server and then “Create a new App”.

Then you give the app a name and define the app type. In this case, crowdfund and determine which store the app should be connected to.

Create a new Crowdfunding App

Create a new Crowdfunding App

After that, the following input mask appears:

Input Mask Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Input Mask Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Here the title can be described with 30 characters.

Then the tagline is done with a maximum of 50 characters and then the project can be described in detail with a project description.

Under base currency, a fiat currency such as EUR or USD can be specified or BTC for Bitcoin.

The donation target is indicated at Target Amount. Later it can be determined whether further donations should be possible (softcap) or closed (hardcap) when the goal is reached.

Input Mask Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Input Mask Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Then you can specify when the project starts or ends.

It is possible that a project will reset and restart after a certain amount of time.

You can finance an overall project or subdivide it into individual projects.

As in the example, you can support the honeymoon or certain events. One could propose the financing of an entire playground or the financing of individual play equipment.

If you also want to present individual subprojects, you use the “Add Peek” function.

Bitcoin Crowdfunding Perks

Bitcoin Crowdfunding Perks

Here you give the subproject a title, which is later displayed as a heading.

Then the price of for example €1,- Then it can be determined whether the user can increase the price (Yes) or whether it can not be changed (No).

In addition to the image and a description, a maximum number can be set.

The page can be visually adjusted. Be it with a featured image, which is dominantly displayed at the top of the page. The background color can be changed or your own design can be designed via CSS.

Input Mask Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Input Mask Bitcoin Crowdfunding

The page is in demo mode and can be switched live by ticking a check mark.

The sorting of the subprojects (Contribution Perks) can be sorted by popularity. This app can also be used as a voting system.

The setting between softcap and hardcap can be achieved by ticking “Do not allow additional contributions after target has been reached”

If you want to calculate all generated invoices to reach the destination, then this field must be selected.

To play sounds when a payment has been made, then “Enable Sounds”.

The background color (first position) of the page can be changed using the color code. If you still want to offer the possibility for the users on the page to discuss and comment on the project, this is possible by disqus.

With a support, you can also test the module yourself in live operation.

Example fundraising:

Example project financing:

Example Supporter / Support Packages:

Project financing with shop function

You invented something great, created a prototype and want to have the product produced now. For the production you need a financing, which should be pre-financed by the first buyers.

Similar to Kickstarter, the Bitcoin Crowdfunding App, in combination with Woocommerce’s shop solution, can be used to create its own financing page.

If you want to write a book, each supporter will receive a printed copy later. This requires a delivery address to which digital files or physical products can be sent.

Since the shipping address is required, the shop function is required in addition to the Bitcoin crowdfunding app.

The following components are required for project financing with an Internet shop:

  1. WordPress website
  2. WooCommerce Plugin
  3. BTCPay for WooCommerce Plugin
  4. Storefront theme (If you’re using a different theme, you may need to customize the CSS code to fit your theme.
  5. Own BTCPay server

The WooCommerce shop and the BTCPay server must run under the same domain.

You can find an English-language project description at:

and here

An English-language video about the possibilities of the crowdfunding app can be found here:


But the Bitcoin crowdfunding module can do even more. It can also be used as a voting system.

How to create a Bitcoin Voting System with the Bitcoin Crowdfunding App, see BitcoinVoting System

This post is also available in: German