Bitcoin Donation Button

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Bitcoin Donation Button


Bitcoin Donation Button

Do you run a website or blog and want to be supported for your work? Put a Bitcoin Donation Button on your site and you can get donations from your visitors in Bitcoin.

In this description we explain how you can create a Bitcoin Donation Button for your website and integrate it into your page as HTML code.

Bitcoin Donation Button

The Bitcoin Donation Button is the way to leave tipping for good work on the internet. Whether you’re a YouTuber, running a forum or blog, or providing free content and wanting to be supported for your work.

Setting up a Bitcoin Donation Button is very easy. With just a few clicks, the button can be created, which is simply copied to the HTML page.

After clicking on the Bitcoin Donation button, the input field for the amount opens for the donor.

A donor can set the amount he wants to send you. You will receive an email notification as soon as the amount has been credited to your Bitcoin wallet.

The Bitcoin Donation button is the quickest and easiest way to receive anonymous Bitcoin donations.

Set up Bitcoin Donation button

The setting up of a Bitcoin Donation Button takes place at the BTCPay server under Manage Store and then Pay Button.

It is almost analogous to the creation of a payment button. With the payment button, the amount is fixed at the time of creation and cannot be changed by the payer.

In the Bitcoin Donation Button, an amount is suggested or recommended to the donor. However, the donor has the option to adjust the amount.

The Bitcoin Donation Button is displayed to the donor in this form:

The proposed amount is defined in the above example as €10,-. By clicking Plus or Minus, the amount can be adjusted. By clicking on the Bitcoin button, the payment page opens.

Instead of the plus and minus display, the amount can be adjusted by a slider. Then it looks like this:

BTCPay Shop Settings for the Bitcoin Donation Button

BTCPay Bitcoin Donation Button

BTCPay Bitcoin Donation Button

The Price field enters the amount that appears as a suggestion.

Then the currency, here in euros, takes place. The next line shows the text that will be displayed later on the payment page for what the payment was for. So a Bitcoin donation to Coincharge.

Then the Donation button can be provided with a text or a separate image can be stored.

Then the selection, whether with the plus/minus indicator (Custom amount) or as a slider.

The minimum donation amount is €1,- and up to max. €20,-. The individual gradations are in 1-euro increments.

This post is also available in: German

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