Bitcoin Invoice

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Bitcoin Invoice

Bitcoin Invoice

Bitcoin Invoice

Create Bitcoin Invoice

Are you a service provider (e.g. programmer, web designer) and your customers would like to pay your Invoice with Bitcoin?

In such a case, you would now look at the current Bitcoin price. Calculate the amount, create a one-time Bitcoin address and send a payment request to your customer. Then you will keep your wallet over until the payment is received.

But what happens if the customer doesn’t pay immediately? Maybe he’s on the road, just doesn’t have time or his Bitcoin is still on another wallet.

Then time passes, within which the Bitcoin price may have changed.

Now the course is no longer right, a discussion is beginning about what amount is being taken now. The at the time of invoicing or at the time of payment.

A Bitcoin Invoice is the solution to this problem.

You can create a Bitcoin payment prompt for this customer based on your invoice with just a few clicks.

With the Bitcoin invoice, you transfer all relevant invoice information from your accounting in an online form. The same applies to the amount of the invoice in euros.

A Bitcoin invoice is created from this information. The invoice recipient receives a payment request in Bitcoin with the Bitcoin address to which the Bitcoin is to be sent.

The payment request shows the euro amount from your accounting. Only at the time of payment, the Bitcoin amount will be calculated based on the price.

This amount will be sent to the specified Bitcoin address and credited to the merchant’s wallet.

As a payee, it does not matter whether the customer pays the invoice immediately, the next day or within the payment deadline. There are no risks to the trader due to the volatility of the bitcoin price.

If the invoice amount is €50,-, the trader will receive the Bitcoin equivalent of €50 at the time of payment, and not at the time of invoicing.

Create Bitcoin Invoice

If you want to send your customers an invoice, this is done as a payment request.

The payment request is made by e-mail, which the payer opens by clicking and contains all the necessary information to pay the invoice with Bitcoin.

To create a payment prompt, click Payment Request, and then click Create a New Payment Request.

Invoice - Request for payment

Invoice – Request for payment

Amounts paid on a payment request use the exchange rate at the time of payment. This allows users to make convenient payments without having to negotiate or check exchange rates with the store owner at the time of payment.

The web form enters the purpose (title), the amount (amount) and the currency of the invoice amount.

The payment request is in Euro (or USD) and use the Bitcoin exchange rate at the time of payment.

Thus, the merchant does not have to determine the exchange rate at the time of invoicing and is independent of the development of the Bitcoin exchange rate.

Then the date can be set, how long the invoice is valid and a text can be stored in a description field.

Generate Payment Request

Generate Payment Request

In the Custom Bootstrap field, the design of the payment request can be adjusted.

If you want to use the dark design template Darkly from Bootswatch, enter the CSS File

Then you save the payment request and a link is generated.

This link can only be sent to the payer by email.

When the payer opens the link, the following page appears:

Bitcoin Bill

Bitcoin Bill

By clicking on Pay Now button, the invoice can be paid.

The Bitcoin exchange rate is calculated for the invoice amount of €100,- at the time of payment. At the time of payment, the current Bitcoin price is queried on the stock exchange and converted accordingly and displayed to the payer as a QR code.

A detailed video in English can be found at:

A description in English can be found at:




When payment is made, the system automatically creates an invoice.

It does not matter from which application and whether it is a Bitcoin or Lightning payment.

If you click on Invoice (1) in the navigation, the following view opens.

Invoice overview

Invoice overview

With Invoices, I see all transactions (on-chain and off-chain).

All invoice created in the various applications is listed sorted by date (2).

These invoices can be exported (3) to take the data to other applications, such as accounting.

Click on Details (4) you get a detailed view of the respective invoice or transaction.

Invoice detail view

Invoice detail view

It is also possible to create an invoice manually. There is also the Create a new invoice (5) button.

This is a form with all usable fields. However, this form does not generate an invoice in the accounting sense.

This post is also available in: German