Bitcoin Micropayments via Lightning Payments

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Bitcoin Micropayments per Lightning Zahlungen


Bitcoin Micropayments via Lightning Payments

Bitcoin Micropayments are available to make payments for payment barriers and paywalls.

Micropayments, small-term payments or micro-payments are payment methods for small sums, which are mainly incurred when purchasing “paid content”, i.e. digital goods such as music and newspaper articles.

In the case of low-value goods, the cost-effectiveness of payment is a central problem: conventional methods, such as credit card payment or direct debit, are unsuitable, as the costs of payment processing often exceed the value of goods.

Accordingly, the Internet requires procedures for the economic bill for low-priced goods.

With the help of Bitcoin Lightning, payments can be made for a few cents. Even prices can be realized as nanopayment. These would be prices of a few Satoshi, which is the equivalent of less than one cent.

To accept Lightning payments, you must have a standalone Lightning Node for each merchant.

Combined with a C-Lightning Lightning Node and the use of Lightning Charge and part of the use of WooCommerce Pluging for WordPress, new digital business models can be realized in which the customer pays for products for a few cents.

Such business models can be:

  • Payment per newspaper article, news, video as pay-per-view
  • Payment per music downloads, music pieces, pictures, software as pay-per-download
  • Payment as a donation and support for artists, YouTubers, bloggers and influencers
  • Payment as an additional function in a game

How to accept Lightning payments via BTCPay can be found in the post “Accept payments with BTCPay Lightning

This post is also available in: German