Bitcoin Payment Button

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Bitcoin Payment Button

Bitcoin Payment Button

Bitcoin Payment Button

Bitcoin Payment Button

The Bitcoin payment button is interesting for providers who want to sell digital products and send them to the customer via email.

You present your product on the website and when paying the buyer provides his e-mail address. The file, PDF or access code will be sent to this email address later.

In the example below, there are three different products. This could be, for example, an access in the member area of your blog.

The user can choose and pay for one of the offered access forms. At the beginning, he enters his email address. This can be, for example, the email address with which the customer has logged into the forum, blog or service.

The account can be activated via this email address or the file, PDF or access code can be sent.

User view of the Bitcoin payment button

Click on the Bitcoin payment button and see what the visitor will see on your page:

Klicke auf den Bitcoin Bezahlbutton und sehe, was der Besucher auf Deiner Seite sehen wird:

Set up Bitcoin payment button

With the help of BTCPay we show how to create a Bitcoin payment button and integrate it into your website as HTML code.

If you have registered and registered in the BTCPay Shop, you will be able to enter the Store Settings. Here are the settings options to administer the BTCPay Store. How to administrate a BTCPay Store can be found in the article Administrate BTCPay Shop.

After the successful payment, the customers should be sent the digital goods by email. Therefore, the e-mail address is required when ordering.

In order to receive this email address from the customers, the “Requires a refund email” field must be activated in the “Checkout Experience” settings.

Bitcoin Pay Button

If you do not want to send goods to a previously requested email address, but would like to receive an anonymous payment, such as a donation, gift or support, then take a look at the Bitcoin Donation Button.

The settings for the “Pay Button” are not under Apps, but also in the Store Settings.

Settings options Bitcoin payment button

When you create a Bitcoin payment button, we will immediately present the individual settings options.

An HTML code is then displayed at the bottom of the BTCPay page. This HTML code contains these individual settings. This HTML code can then be used by copy & paste on your own website, in the desired location.

When your customer clicks on the Bitcoin payment button, they will receive a payment request to pay the defined amount.

A unique Bitcoin address, with the converted Bitcoin amount, is created via QR code.

If the payment is received successfully, it will be credited directly to your Bitcoin Wallet and you will receive a notification by email in parallel.

For the example above, we created three buttons for the different prices and integrated them into the page as HTML code.

Pay Button amount and currency

In the settings for the Bitcoin payment button you define the amount a customer has to pay.

The price can be set in any fiat currency (EUR, USD, CHF, etc.) or in Bitcoin.

Optionally, an intended use can be defined. We once wrote daily access.

Button Design

The BTCPay button is displayed as an icon by default. But you can also add your own button image.

A corresponding link is inserted into the field “Pay Button Image Url”.

If you want to store an individual text, activate the field “Customize text in button

The size of the displayed image can be specified.

Pay Button Display Option
Pay now with Bitcoin

As written above, you can store your own button.

If you want to use the adjoining button, use the following url:

Also the button Type. There are currently three different button types.

Once the amount is fixed by the settings made above. This is useful if you want to sell a product at a fixed price.

If you want to use the Pay button to receive donations, you can leave it up to the payer to decide what amount is paid.

If a “Customer Amount” is allowed, it can be displayed in the form of a slider.

Then you define the minimum and maximum value within which the amount should move.

Pay button daily access

You can be informed about the payment. Either a message is sent to another server via server IPN or you have an Emai sent to you.

Under Browser Redirect, you can specify a url to display to the payer after successful payment.

This can be a “Thank you for the successful payment” page or a forward to a download page or the login page of your forum.

Pay Button Message
pay button advanced settings

In the Advanced field, you can control the language of the payment page. Since we are aimed at a German-speaking audience, we have deposited lang=de-DE for the German language.

Here you can find the HTML code for the payment button.

Simply copy and paste it at the desired location on your website.

Then just wait for visitors to send the first Satoshi to you.

Pay button HTML Code

More button templates can be found here, which you can use.

Donation with Bitcoin

Pay with Bitcoin

We accept Bitcoin

We accept Bitcoin

We accept Bitcoin

Donate me a few Bitcoin

Donate me a few Bitcoin

Pay now with Bitcoin

Pay now with Bitcoin

We accept Bitcoin

We accept Bitcoin

Donate me with Bitcoin

Donate me with Bitcoin

Pay now with Bitcoin

Pay now with Bitcoin

This post is also available in: German