Set up BTCPay Lightning payments in the BTCPay Shop

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BTCPay Lightning Zahlung

Lightning Zahlungen im BTCPay Shop einrichten


BTCPay Lightning

Set up BTCPay Lightning payments

In addition to Bitcoin payments, the BTCPay server also supports Lightning payments. Lightning payments are particularly predestined for micro- or even nanocent payments.

To use Lightning payments for its stores, you need to run your own BTCPay server. There is a Lightning Node per BTCPay Server. A BTCPay server can generate infinite stores, but Lightning payments these stores flow into the central Lightning Wallet of the BTCPay server.

If you run several separate shops on a BTCPay server, this is not a problem.

However, if you use a BTCPay shop with a third-party Hoster, you can NOT receive Lightning payments in your BTCPay shop.

If you want to accept Lightning payments for your website in addition to Bitcoin, run your own BTCPay server. You can find out how to set up and operate your own BTCPay server at Coincharge. We are also happy to help.

With a BTCPay server, the Lightning implementations LND and c-lightning are available.

Depending on which implementation you choose, different applications can be implemented.

The applications presented at Coincharge always include which Lightning implementation is required.

Whether you choose C-Lightning or LND, the connection to the Lightning Node within the BTCPay server is always the same.

Set up Lightning in the BTCPay Shop

This post explains how to set up Lightning payments on BTCPay in Store Settings.

  1. Create a BTCPay Store (see Create BTCPay Shop)
  2. Go to “Store Setting” and then to “General Setting” and scroll down the page until you reach the point “Lightning Nodes”.
Set up BTCPay-Lightning

Set up BTCPay-Lightning

Then you click on “Modify”

A warning appears indicating that Lightning is still in the early stages of development. It cannot be ruled out that lightning credit may be lost. Therefore, you should never leave too much credit on the Lightning Wallet.

We scroll down a bit and get to the Connection String area.



Click here on “Clicking here”

The previously empty field is filled automatically and then looks like this:



After that you click on “Submit” and the “General Settings” page is reloaded and the entry under Lightning Nodes looks like this:

BTCPay lightning lightning_nodes

BTCPay lightning lightning_nodes

To test that everything went right, we go back to “Modify”, scroll up to Connection String and click “Test Connection”.

If everything went right, then we get the following ad

BTCPay lightning string

BTCPay lightning string

You can tell this address to anyone who wants to link to your Lightning Node.

If you scroll down the page again, you will get to the button “Open Public Node Info Page”.

BTCPay lightning-lightning info-page

BTCPay lightning-lightning info-page

Click on this page and you will receive an info page, to which you can inform your visitors.

Lightning Node Public Key

You can publish this LN Node Public Key and communicate it to everyone.

Either as a link:

or as a QR code


Bitcoin Lightning Node

Bitcoin Lightning Node


Or as a pure node address: 0318ac9faa9629e7da08819bc8fe0dd2ae3044d69b1b2283a63479acffeb968483@

It includes your Public Lightning Node address (node public key) which you can specify for various services and applications.

Especially when using different LNURLapplications, a separate Lightning Node is required. With this LN Node Public Key, you can prove that you are running your own Lightning Node.

To use the BTCPay server, you need this LN Node Public Key to receive payments via BTCPay Lightning.

With the activation of Lightning just made, you can accept Lightning payments in the respective BTCPay store and the associated apps.

In order to manage and administer the payment receipts, numerous other tools are available to you. You can use Ride the Lightning (RTL) to monitor Lightning payments or manage your Lightning balance with Lightning Wallets.

These other Crypto Services can be found at Server Settings under Services:

BTCPay Lightning Crypto Services

BTCPay Lightning Crypto Services

To view and administer Lightning payments, there is the Ride the Lightning service (RTL for short).

RTL works and LND and also under c-lightning. For instructions on how to use RTL, see Ridethe Lightning (RTL)

This post is also available in: German