WordPress Lightning Paywall for BTCPay Server

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WordPress Lightning Paywall for BTCPay Server (BTCPayWall)

With the WordPress plugin Lightning Paywall digital content can be offered for a fee. The payment is made by Bitcoin and Lightning via the BTCPay Server.

The paywall for the BTCPay server is thus a BTCPayWall.

Those who run a website based on WordPress can secure the digital content with a paywall, which can be unlocked via Bitcoin or Lightning payment.

Without registering or logging in, a user can anonymously unlock the desired content by making a Bitcoin or Lightning payment.

The user scans the QR code displayed in the paywall with his Bitcoin wallet and after successful payment the desired content is displayed immediately.

WordPress Lightning Paywall for BTCPay Server can be used for the following applications:

  • Pay-per-Post
  • Pay-per-View
  • Pay-per-File
  • Donation

At the bottom of the page you can find a sample application for the WP Lightning Paywall and unlock a part of this blog post yourself.

Pay-per-Post / Payment per blog post

With pay-per-post, articles or blog posts can be billed individually. The reader gets a part of the article displayed unrestricted until the paywall. After successful payment, the individual blog post can continue to be read without restriction.

Pay-per-View / Payment per video

Pay-per-view lets you protect videos with the Lightning paywall.

The video is presented via a preview image and a short description.

Via Bitcoin or Lightning payment, the video is unlocked and played via the video player on your own website.

Videos deposited as private videos on YouTube or Vimeo can thus be offered for a fee.

Alternatively, the videos can be stored on the WordPress server or any other video platform and offered for a fee.

Pay-per-File / Payment per file

Per pay-per-file all kinds of files can be sold. Be it software, eBook, a PDF instruction or an image. After the successful payment, the customer has access to a download link and can download his desired files.

With the help of pay-per-file, all digital content can be sold quickly and easily.


As the operator of a blog, a YouTube channel or an information site on the Internet, you are happy to receive a financial contribution from your fans. With the help of the Donation Button, fans can quickly and easily donate a few Satoshi to support the work.

Simply add the Donation button to the desired location on your own website and visitors can financially support the work on the website.

The support can be made by anonymous payment or can be provided with a personal message, which can be displayed on the website.

With the help of the WordPress editors WPBakery, Elementor, Gutenberg or simply via shortcode, the various functions can be integrated into any WordPress page.

The WordPress plugin Lightning Paywall for BTCPay Server is available for free. More information and installation instructions can be found at:

WP Lightning Paywall Example

So far you have been able to view this blog post without any restrictions. From here on the chargeable area begins:

[lnpw_start_content pay_block=”true”]

You have successfully paid the Lightning paywall and can now read this part of the blog post.

Payment Paywall-per-lightning

This post is also available in: German

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