Coincharge – About us

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Coincharge - About us


Coincharge – About us

Coincharge is an information portal on Bitcoin payment processing. With Coincharge we want to help online shops and retail stores to accept Bitcoin and Lightning payments.

At Coincharge we present application examples that you can try out for yourself. A live test allows you to experience for yourself how easy Bitcoin and Lightning payments can be executed from a customer’s perspective.

In our Supporter Shop you can try out for yourself how to place an order in an online shop based on WooCommerce. We show how newspaper articles can be sold for a few cents, how to accept a donation on your website or how guests in a restaurant can pay with a Bitcoin POS terminal.

An overview of all application examples to try out, you will find in the category application examples.

We want to help merchants offer Bitcoin and Lightning as payment methods for their customers. For each of the applications presented here there is a detailed step-by-step guide to rebuilding. The instructions are written in such a way that any merchant can easily integrate Bitcoin into his existing shop, even without programming knowledge.

If you still have questions, we are at your disposal in the Coincharge Telegram group.

Why use BTCPay Server?

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The basic idea behind Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system. This means that the payer and the payee exchange payments directly with each other, without an instance in between.

If you already accept credit card or PayPal, then a payment provider, the bank, PayPal or the credit card company is the intermediate instance.

To accept Bitcoin and Lightning payments, we recommend the BTCPay server. When using the BTCPay server there is no instance between you and your customers. The payments come directly to you and you are therefore your own Bitcoin payment provider.

Therefore it is also irrelevant which products you offer, in which country of the world your customers are located or whether you send physical goods by mail or digital goods via the Internet.

Can I trust the BTCPay server?

In 2017, under the leadership of Nicolas Dorier, an open source project was created with the goal of making the then leading Bitcoin provider Bitpay obsolete.

This resulted in the open source project BTCPay Server. A team of dedicated programmers and Bitcoin enthusiasts, have since developed one of the best payment servers. More than 20,000 merchants worldwide already rely on the BTCPay solution for payment processing from Bitcoin and Lightning. BTCPay enjoys the trust of numerous Bitcoin companies and receives appropriate financial support to continuously develop the open source project.

Coincharge and BTCPay Server

With the BTCPay server, Bitcoin and Lightning projects can be realized quickly and easily. With the existing shop modules or via the API connection, every eCommerce project can be supplemented with Bitcoin and Lightning payment.

With the information provided here, we want to help web designers, developers and programmers quickly and easily add bitcoin and lightning to an eCommerce project.

Try it yourself. You can try out and experiment in the demo store at

If the experience is positive, our instructions will help you to set up your own BTCPay server and implement the appropriate applications.

If you are convinced of Bitcoin and Lightning, but do not want to implement it yourself, but rather place it in experienced hands, then please contact us. We are happy to help you with the implementation or refer your request to our network of experienced Bitcoin and Lightning developers.

An overview of the products and services offered by Coincharge can be found under “Coincharge Products”

We hope this page will help you to accept Bitcoin and Lightning in your online shop or retail store. Feel free to write us your experiences via Twitter and don’t forget to register your site with our partner site Coinpages, so that new customers become aware of your business.

This post is also available in: German