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Coincharge products and services


Coincharge products and services

Coincharge is an information portal to help merchants learn about the possibilities of payment processing with Bitcoin and Lightning. In addition to the application possibilities presented here, we offer a variety of DIY instructions to reproduce the applications presented here.

But maybe you don’t want to do everything yourself and prefer to have some tasks done by competent hands.

Coincharge helps to ensure that Bitcoin and Lightning payments can also be accepted in your WooCommerce online store. That in your store the customers can pay with Bitcoin or for an individual application a suitable Bitcoin solution is developed.

We will set up your own individual BTCPay server, which can be fully administered and managed for you if desired. In addition to the technical administration, we also take care of the commercial administration, which includes changing Bitcoin to Euro and can also include billing and payment processing.

BTCPay Shop

Free third-party BTCPay Shop

Free shared use on our BTCPay server as a third party solution.

Set up your own BTCPay store on our BTCPay server to receive Bitcoin payments. The shared use of our BTCPay server is the ideal way to get your first experience with accepting Bitcoin. Accept Bitcoin in your WooCommerce online store or offer payment for Bitcoin in your store with a POS app.

If your sales increase or you want to receive lightning payments, you can run your own BTCPay server.

Set up your own BTCPay store on the Coincharge BTCPay server

Managed BTCPay Shop

With this solution you can accept Bitcoin payments in your online store or retail store.

Compared to the free BTCPay Shop, the managed BTCPay Shop is set up and administered individually for you.

In addition, we add our own company logo to the checkout page (payment page) and adapt the design to the CI of the online shop.
You will receive support and personal assistance with the integration into your online shop.

Order the managed BTCPay store for €9.99 per month or €99.99 per year

Bitcoin WooCommerce

Bitcoin WooCommerce Integration

If you already run your own online shop based on WooCommerce, we can expand your existing online shop with the payment method Bitcoin and Lightning.

For only €99,- you can install the plugin for Bitcoin payment in your WooCommerce store and connect it with the BTCPay store or with your BTCPay server.

Order WooCommerce Integration

Bitcoin Shopify

Bitcoin Shopify Integration

If you already run your own Onlineshop based on Shopify, we will extend your existing Onlineshop with the payment method Bitcoin and Lightning.

For a one-time fee of €99,- we set up Bitcoin payment in your Shopify store and connect it to the BTCPay store or to your BTCPay server.

Order Shopify Integration

BTCPay Server Hosting

We set up an own BTCPay server at the hoster LunaNode for you.

You get a self-hosted BTCPay server, your own Bitcoin node and a Lightning Network node.

You can receive Bitcoin and Lightning payments with a self-hosted BTCPay server. You can manage an unlimited number of stores, applications and apps with your own BTCPay server and you are virtually your own Bitcoin payment processor.

The BTCPay server is set up and administered for you. We carry out regular updates and upgrades so that the software is always up to date.

You will receive assistance and support with the administration of the BTCay server and help with the integration into your online store or retail store.

We place your logo on the checkout page (payment page) and adapt the design to the CI of the online shop.

You can book your own managed BTCPay server for €19,99 per monthor €199,99 per year.

Managed Payment Server

Be your own Bitcoin Payment Processor

Become your own Bitcoin payment provider and let us manage your payment server.

You run several online stores or retail stores and want to equip them with Bitcoin and Lightning payments?

We operate and administrate an own BTCPay server for you and take care of the smooth payment processing of Bitcoin and Lightning.

We also operate and administer your Lightning Network. We ensure a good connection within the network and a liquid channel management.

Upon request, we will forward all Bitcoin sales to a Bitcoin exchange of your choice and ensure that the Bitcoin is converted into euros, dollars or another Fiat currency.

Take care of the sales, we will make sure that your online stores and retail stores can pay smoothly with Bitcoin and Lightning.

Managed Payment Service

Be your own Bitcoin Payment Provider

The Managed Payment Server provides technical and administrative services. With Managed Payment Service, the complete payment management and payment processing is also organized.

We take over the entire payment management for you. This is the payment by the end customer, via the forwarding to the Bitcoin exchange and the settlement and payment to your bank account.

If the customer pays for €10 in Bitcoin, €10 is guaranteed to be paid out to the bank account. This also includes accounting for your bookkeeping.

Sufficient liquidity is ensured on the Bitcoin exchange so that a sale can take place in the same second as soon as the end customer’s payment is displayed in the mempool.

Likewise, a corresponding credit balance in the Lightning network ensures that all channels are well connected and always have good liquidity.

If you require individual advice or are looking for support for a customized solution, please contact us using the following form.

    Our offers are directed exclusively to companies and are therefore net prices

    This post is also available in: German