WordPress Lightning Paywall for BTCPay Server

Wordpress Lightning Paywall for BTCPay Server (BTCPayWall) With the Wordpress plugin Lightning Paywall digital content can be offered for a fee. The payment is made by Bitcoin and Lightning via the BTCPay Server. The paywall for the BTCPay server is thus a BTCPayWall. Those who run a website based on Wordpress can secure the digital [...]

What does a Bitcoin payment provider do?

What is a Bitcoin payment provider?
As a dealer, you want to take care of your own core competence. This is due to the sale of goods and services via the Internet. The core competence of a payment provider lies in the payment processing between the customer and the merchant.

Which cryptocurrency to accept in your own shop?

Which cryptocurrency to accept in your own shop?
You have decided that you want to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in your shop, then you are faced with the question:”Which cryptocurrency should you accept?”
Which cryptocurrency do your potential customers own and would they pay for it?
This article explains which cryptocurrencies are suitable as a means of payment and which cryptocurrencies are acceptable.

How to pay with Bitcoin in the erotic industry

How to pay with Bitcoin in the erotic industry
The erotic industry is known for being one of the first to use new innovative technologies on the Internet. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at this industry to see how services and applications are billed at Bitcoin erotic sites.

BTCPay Wallet

BTCPay internal wallet (Hot Wallet)
Within BTCPay, there is its own integrated BTCPay wallet. With this BTCPay wallet, Bitcoin sales can be credited directly, payments can be forwarded immediately or credits and refunds can be paid out to customers.
Learn how to use the internal BTCPay Wallet….