Accept Bitcoin Payments

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Do you want to accept Bitcoin as a businessman? Then benefit from the many advantages:

Receiving Bitcoin payments through the Bitcoin network is free of charge for Merchants.

You can benefit from the ever-increasing number of Bitcoin users, increase your customer base and increase your awareness for free.

Bitcoin payments are fast, secure and irreversible.
International payments are also possible without limits, delays or high fees.

Accept Bitcoin payments directly

You can accept Bitcoin payments directly and do so completely free of charge. The simplest variant is with a Bitcoin wallet software.

For a list of the most common wallets, see

With your own Bitcoin Wallet you can receive and send Bitcoin.

Accept Bitcoin payments through payment service providers

You can accept bitcoin payments via Bitcoin payment service providers such as BitPay or OpenNode. This has the main advantage that you can Accept bitcoin payments and receive euro transfer to your bank account. As a result, you are independent of Bitcoin price fluctuations and receive exactly the desired Euro amount paid into your bank account.

The disbursements in euros ensure a simple entry into the accounting department.

However, Bitcoin payment providers charge a percentage fee on the revenue made up to 1.

You can also accept Bitcoin with the BTCPay solution. You are your own Bitcoin Payment Provider and do not pay any transaction fees.

Learn more about the possibilities to accept Bitcoin payments with your own Bitcoin Payment Server on the pages of

This post is also available in: German

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