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Coincharge References provides an overview of Bitcoin and Lightning projects that Coincharge has helped implement.

Coincharge Supporter Store

Coincharge's online shop as A Donation Store

Coincharge Supporter Store

The Coincharge Supporter Store has been implemented based on the WooCommerce store software.

It supports payment processing via Bitcoin and Lightning with the BTCPay server.

Also, recurring payments (subscription) are supported with the WooCommerce Subscriptions module.

The Coincharge Supporter Store serves as an illustration of how an online store with WooCommerce and Bitcoin and Lighting payment can look and function.

It also serves as a supporter or donation site for Coincharge to support our work financially.

Visit the site at:


Onlineshop24 Bitcoin

Onlineshop24 creates online stores for small and medium-sized businesses.

The creation of online stores is based on WooCommerce and always supports the payment methods credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin payments.

Coincharge advises and supports Onlineshop24 with the WooCommerce integration of Bitcoin in the various customer projects.

For Onlineshop24 the hosting and technical administration of the BTCPay server is provided within the framework of the Managed Payment Server.

If you would like to have your own online store created using the Bitcoin payment method, please contact



Preferred411 is a partner agency

For Preferred411 a separate BTCPay server was set up and BTCPay hosting was taken over. The integration of Bitcoin into the payment system of Preferred411 via API connection was supported and the payment page was adapted to the look & feel of P411.


ClaudiaFranke Bitcoin

ClaudiaFranke Onlineshop

In the Onlineshop of the Düsseldorfer dog salon of Claudia Franke, care products of MIAU&WOOF, DogLook snacks and care products are sold.

The Onlineshop was created by Onlineshop24 and includes the Bitcoin payment processing via WooCommerce.

TYT Headshop

TYT Headshop Esslingen

TYT Headshop Esslingen

The TYT Headshop from Esslingen was supported in implementing Bitcoin and Lightning payment in their store.

As part of the consulting, help was provided in setting up a dedicated BTCPay server at LunaNode.

A POS app was set up for the store and customers can now pay in the TYT Headshop in Esslingen using Bitcoin and Lightning.

The offers smoking accessories made of glass.

Within the scope of the consultation we helped to set up, administrate and set up a BTCPay server.

The payment methods Bitcoin and Lightning were integrated into the WooCommerce Shop with the BTCPay plugin and the Bitcoin payment page was adapted to the CI of the online store.

Your online store or retail store?

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Bitcoin and Lightning payments in your online store or retail store

Accept Bitcoin and Lightning payments in your online store or retail store.

Check out the Coincharge pages to see how you can integrate Bitcoin and Lightning payments yourself.

If you need support, the Coincharge team is ready to help you with its products and services.

Find out more about the products, services and support offered by Coincharge

This post is also available in: German