BTCPay Server on the Nodl

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Nodl BTCPay Server on an own hardware node

With the Nodl BTCPay Server, you can run your own BTCPay server on your own hardware. There are now vendors that offer a “node-in-the-box” solution running a standalone Bitcoin node and Lightning Node. Additional programs and tools for operation and administration of these nodes.

The providers of a hardware node including BTCPay server are

So you can run your own BTCPay server on your own hardware. You can have this hardware at home and save the server costs with a hosting provider.

If a node is operated from home, it is necessary that this node can also be called from outside. This requires that the router of the home network allows appropriate access. If you call your nodl from home, then you do this either by calling it directly via https://nodl.local/ or via the IP address which was assigned to the nodl internally. If you are in your own network, this works without problems. But if you are outside of this network, it no longer works.

However, if we operate our own online shop, this online shop is usually located with a hosting provider. A link from the WooCommerce online shop to the BTCPay server on our nodl is an external access and only possible if our nodl can be accessed externally.

If you want to use the BTCPay server on the nodl just for testing or if you have adapted your router so that external access is possible, then you can continue as follows:

BTCPay Server on the Nodl

In the following description we want to show how you can administrate your BTCPay server with the nodl. If you already own a nodl, you can activate the BTCPay server service on the overview page and log in.

Nodl overview page

Accept Bitcoin payment via Nodl

To accept Bitcoin payments with the Nodl, the configuration is the same as the normal configuration described at

There is only a difference if you want to receive Lightning payments. Accordingly, the deviation from the normal configuration is presented here.

accept Lightning payments via Nodl

If you want to activate the Lightning Services, there is a difference.
If you go to Services on the BTCPay server under Server Settings, you will get the following view:

Nodl BTCPay Services

The Crypto Services otherwise listed here are configured via the Nodl overview page and are therefore not displayed here.

LND Activate service for the Nodl BTCPay server

To activate LND for the Nodl BTCPay server, go to the overview page on the Nodl to the tile LND


Nodl LND Settings

There you click on “Details and Settings” and find the relevant information in the section “Local BTCPay Connection String – use this for embedded BTCPay (hidden for your safety)”.

Nodl Local Btcpay connection string

There you click on the blue button to get the relevant information displayed:

Hidden BTCPay LND String

You copy this string into the clipboard and have to store it afterwards on the BTCPay server.

For this you go to the settings of the store on the BTCPay server. If you have not yet created a store, you should do this before or now.

Then go to the store under Settings and then General settings.

There you enter the string and click on Submit.

BTCPay LND Store Settings

Then you test if everything works. Click on Test connection and the following window should appear:

Public Lightning Node Address

With a click on the other button “Open Public Node Info Page” this page should appear:

QR Code Public Lightning Node Adress

This is the Public QR Code of your Lightning Node.

In addition to Lightning, the Bitcoin payment will also be used. This can be done either via the internal BTCPay Wallet or via the integration of the XPub Key for example from the electrum Wallet.

To try out whether all settings have been set up successfully, we will do a test via the Pay Button.

We go to the store settings on Pay Button and click on the preview button “Pay wit BTCPAY

Test with the Pay Button

When the payment window with the payment options Bitcoin and Lightning then opens, everything has been set up correctly.

BTCPay payment checkout page

Security advice

If your nodl runs with the BTCPay server at your home, your home internet IP address will be known to the public. This can be a risk, because hackers might try to access your BTCPay server or Nodl.

Therefore Nodl recommends the use of a reverse proxy service to protect your own IP address. Such a service is offered by Nodl. Simply contact Ketominer via the Nodl Telegram Channel at:

The further configuration and setting options of the BTCPay server are identical to the other versions. You will find the corresponding information on the other pages at Coincharge.

This post is also available in: German

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