KeySend Payment Without Lightning Invoice

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KeySend can make a Lightning payment without first receiving an invoice from the payee.

Normally, Lightning Payment requires the payee to create a Lightning invoice in advance that contains all payment-related information.

This allows to develop a new set of use cases for sponsored payments.

With KeySend, payment for donations or to supporters or patrons can be implemented.

But also the payout for affiliate commissions or kickback payments.

KeySend allows Lightning Nodes to send Lightning to other nodes without paying an invoice.

To allow keySend payments to be received, the latest LND version must be used on the target server and the –accept-key-send flag must be enabled.

If this flag is not set, keySend payments will be rejected.

Only the Lightning Node of the payer node and the target node must support KeySend. The intermediate nodes used to forward the payment do not need to be enabled for the KeySend payment. All LND nodes from version 0.71. support this function.

This post is also available in: German

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