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Bitcoin Shopify


How do you accept Bitcoin on Shopify with the BTCPay server?

You run an Onlineshop via Shopify? Now you can turn your Shopify store into a Bitcoin Shopify store and accept Bitcoin payments.


With the BTCPay server you can receive Bitcoin Shopify payments for free.

In addition to a Shopify Onlineshop you need your own BTCPay server or you can use the BTCPay server of Coincharge for free.

In addition, you will need a Bitcoin Wallet to which customers’ Bitcoin payments are credited.

In this article we explain how you can turn a Shopify store into a Bitcoin Shopify store and accept Bitcoin on Shopify.

Bitcoin Shopify Demo Shop

We have at the address:

set up a Bitcoin Shopify Demo Shop to see how Bitcoin payments work with the BTCPay server on Shopify.

The Coincharge Demo Shop created at Shopify is not freely accessible.

To bypass the password protection for the Bitcoin Shopify, enter the password coincharge.

Shopify charges a monthly usage fee for the use of payment processing.

Therefore only a limited live demonstration of the functions is possible for the demo version. The following pictures show how accepting Bitcoin with Shopify works in live mode.

The Bitcoin Shopify Demo Store from Coincharge looks like this:

Coincharge Shopify Bitcoin Store

Note: By clicking on the following images, the image will be displayed in a larger detail view.

The buyer selects a product and adds it to the shopping cart.

Coincharge Shopify Bitcoin Store akzeptieren
Coincharge Shopify Bitcoin Store akzeptieren

Then the data for the creation of the invoice is entered and by clicking on “continue to payment” the customer gets to the payment page.

On the payment page a selection of the different payment methods is displayed.

Shown here with the text “Bitcoin with BTCPay Server”.

The payer clicks on it and a confirmation page is displayed.

Bitcoin Shopify - Accept Bitcoin on Shopify 1
Wie integriert man Bitcoin Zahlungen in einen Shopify Shop

On the payment confirmation page, the payment logo is displayed. Here with “Pay with BTCPay”.

The payment logo / image can be changed in the BTCPay Store Administration

After clicking the Pay button, the Bitcoin payment window opens.

The Bitcoin payment window can be customized with the Shop logo or in colors to match the design of the Onlineshop.

The payer scans the QR Code to pay with Bitcoin or Lightning.

Bitcoin Zahlung mit BTCPay im Shopify Shop

After we have seen how to accept Bitcoin with Shopify, we will show how to set up your own Shopify Onlineshop accordingly.

Create a BTCPay Store

The basic prerequisite for accepting Bitcoin payments at Shopify is an additional BTCPay store. A BTCPay Store is set up on a BTCPay Server.

You can run your own BTCPay server or use the BTCPay server from Coincharge.

How to operate and set up your own BTCPay server is explained in detail in the article “Set up BTCPay Server“.

For shared use of the Coincharge BTCPay server, go to and set up a BTCPay store free of charge.

In the article “How to set up a BTCPay Store” and “Administering a BTCPay Store” it is explained in detail how to create a BTCPay Store, which is a prerequisite for a Bitcoin Shopify Onlineshop.

Create a new BTCPay Store for Shopify

After we have registered on the BTCPay server, you switch to the Stores section and create a BTCPay Store.

We give the BTCPay Store a unique name.

In our example we use: Bitcoin Shopify Demo Store.

Bitcoin Shopify Demo Store
Shopify BTCPay General Settings

In the General Settings menu and the Payment section, the “Allow anyone to create invoice” field can remain disabled.

The Shopify API connection eliminates the need to create a public invoice.

In the Derivation Scheme area, it is necessary to store your own Bitcoin Wallet.

If you already have an external Bitcoin Wallet, the Xpub Key can be deposited by this external Bitcoin Wallet.

An explanation can be found in the article “Deposit Xpub Key“.

But you can also use the internal Bitcoin Wallet. There is a tutorial “Create internal BTCPay Bitcoin Wallet“.

Set up Bitcoin on Shopify

After the preparations for Bitcoin on the BTCPay server have been completed, we can start setting up Bitcoin on Shopify.

Bitcoin Shopify Apps erstellen

We log in to our Shopify store and get to the Shopify backend.

There we change to the Apps section.

After we clicked on Apps, the Apps section opens, which can be additionally integrated into a Shopify Store.

To integrate Bitcoin payments via BTCPay, we are creating a Private App.

To do this, we go to the bottom of the page and click on the link “Manage private apps”.

Bitcoin Shopify manage private Apps
Bitcoin Shopify enable private App development

A message appears indicating that Private Apps are currently disabled.

We activate the use of Private Apps.

On the following page we have the possibility to grant permission to use Private Apps.

We put a check mark everywhere and then click on “Enable private app development”.

Bitcoin Shopify enable private App development
Bitcoin Shopify create private App

After that we are authorized to create private apps and click on “Create private app

On the following page we start with the configuration of the app details.

We define a name for the private app and additionally an email address which acts as technical contact person for this private app.

Bitcoin Shopify app details

Then the permissions of the Private App for the various Shopify functions are granted.

To accept Bitcoin payments in the Shopify Bitcoin Store, it is only necessary to have read and write authorization for orders.

Bitcoin Shopify Admin API

We can therefore change the permissions for products to “No Access” and then click on “Show inactive Admin API permissions

We then receive a list of all functions that we can access via API.

We only require authorization for orders and scroll to the appropriate place.

For Orders, set the status to “Read and Write” and click Save.

Bitcoin Shopify Orders API
Bitcoin Shopify Create APP

We receive another message, which we confirm with “Create App”.

We will then receive all API information for our Private App.

We now need the information from the “Example URL” field and can copy it to our clipboard by clicking the box.

Bitcoin Shopify Admin API

Now we switch back to our BTCPay server and at Store Settings to the Integration section.

Shopify BTCPay Admin API

In the field “Example Url from Shopify Private App” we now insert the URL we copied from the Shopify page.

Then we click on “Connect to Shopify”.

Now a connection between Shopify and our BTCPay Store is established. The other Shopify details such as API Key, Shop Name and Password are automatically taken over.

Now we have to copy the information from the black field and integrate it into Shopify.

We copy the section to our clipboard and switch back to the Shopify page.

Shopify BTCPay Integrations

We can do this by clicking on the green link on the BTCPay Server page called “Settings > Checkout > Order Processing > Additional Scripts”.

But we can also access the page manually in the Shopify backend.

Shopify Bitcoin Settings Checkout

In the Shopify backend you will find the menu item Settings at the bottom left of the page.

We then get to the following view and have to go to the checkout area.

There we scroll down the page to the input field “Additional scripts” and save the script from the clipboard, which we received from the BTCPay page.

Shopify Bitcoin additional scripts

Now we have to add Bitcoin as a payment method. With Shopify we can also call this page from the BTCPay page.

Shopify Bitcoin Payments

We click on the link “Settings > Payments > Manual Payment Methods” or call the appropriate steps in the Shopify backend.

We scroll down the page to the item “Manual payment methods” and select “Create custom payment method”.

Shopify Bitcoin create custom payment method
Shopify pay with Bitcoin

On the page that appears we can enter a name for the payment method in the text field “Custom payment method name”.

For example “Bitcoin with BTCPay Server” or “Pay with Bitcoin”.

It is important that at least one of the following words is mentioned in this field: Bitcoin, BTCPayserver, BTCPay Server or BTC.

After clicking Activate, Bitcoin can be accepted on Shopify.

Now you make your own test order and check if all functions work properly.

On the website of BTCPy Server there is more information about “Accept Bitcoin at Shopify with the BTCPay Server

There is also a video tutorial on YouTube:

If you don’t want to implement Bitcoin in Shopify yourself, you can have Coincharge do it for you.

Coincharge offers an integration service from Bitcoin for Shopify: “Have BTCPay integrated with Shopify

This post is also available in: German

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