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An unusual Lightning Wallet is lntxbot on Telegram. The name consists of ln for lightning, tx as a short form for transactions and bot.

To use this wallet, you must be a Telegram user.

This Lightning Wallet works through your Telegram account and allows you to send and receive Lightning payments.

With lntxbot, you can send and receive Lightning payments to other users and groups within Telegram.

lntxbot also works outside of Telegram. If you use Telegram on your desktop, it can be used as a desktop wallet. On your smartphone, lntxbot is a Lightning Mobile Wallet.

The support of LNURL is particularly advantageous. Thus, convenient Satoshi can be received via LNURL-Withdraw and authorization, registered or registered with external services via LNURL-Auth.

lntxbot is a Custodial wallet, so you don’t own your Satoshi balance. Thus, only a limited balance should be on the wallet.

To use the Lntxbot Lightning Wallet, you can access the following link:


Your Telegram account will then be linked to the Telegram user @lntxbot.

For communication with the bot and entering commands, a slash: / must always be pre-set to each command.

The first command is /start to generate a Lightning Wallet and get a short guide.

lntxbot Start
lntxbot Start

The /help command gives you an overview of all commands supported by lntxbot.

With the /balance command, we check the balance on the Lightning Wallet

lntxbot account balance
lntxbot account balance

The credit is displayed in Satoshi. Here even with a point, since even in Milli-Satoshi can be worked.

Satoshi Deposit / Receive

The /receive, /invoice, , and /fund commands can be used equally to receive payments.

You can then specify a statement, such as Amount in Satoshis and Purpose.

For better illustration, we use the /invoice command and the addition of the invoice amount.

If we want to create an invoice for 1,000 Satoshi, the command is:

/invoice 1000

lntxbot invoice
lntxbot invoice

I can scan this QR code with another wallet or accept the invoice text.

I pay this invoice with the help of an existing Lightning Wallet and then get a view:

lntxbot invoice
lntxbot invoice

Again, I can query my credits with /balance.

If I don’t have a Lightning Wallet with Satoshi yet, I can also make a deposit with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Deposits

The deposit from a Bitcoin address works with the /fundbtc command and the addition of the amount. A Bitcoin address is generated to which I can then send Bitcoin.

lntxbot Charging with Bitcoin
lntxbot Charging with Bitcoin

This credit will take a little longer. However, it is automatically converted and credited to my Lightning Wallet.

The new balance is:

lntxbot account balance
lntxbot account balance

Make Lightning Payments

If you have a balance on your wallet, payments can be made. For this there are the commands like /pay, /paynow /decode or /withdraw

To pay a Received Lightning Invoice, I copy the invoice number to the clipboard and enter the /paynow command in the bot and additionally copy the invoice number from the clipboard.

For testing purposes, we generate an Invoice of 1,000 Satoshi in another Lightning Wallet.

lntxbot paynow
lntxbot paynow

The payment of 1,000 Satoshi was made. In addition, a transaction fee of well below 1 Satoshi (0.005 Sats) was charged.

If you want to transfer the credit on the lntxbot wallet, you can transfer it to another Lightning wallet via the Invoice function.

In addition to the possibility to transfer the credit by invoice, it can also be transferred to the BlueWallet. The /bluewallet command generates an import string, which can then be entered in the Blue Wallet.

A payout in Bitcoin is not possible, but to the Russian services Qiwi and Yandex.

Telegram Channel

The use of lntxbot within Telegram is particularly suitable. Payments can be made to other Telegram users with the /send command. For this purpose, the corresponding user must have used @lntxbot in advance. Otherwise, the user cannot be informed of the payment. If the user has not used Intxbot, you can cancel the transaction later in the transaction overview.

If you want to make payments within a Telegram group, it is necessary that the lntxbot is a member of that group.

The /tip and /send commands are the same. Then you can donate 100 Satoshi directly to the author of a message using the /tip 100 command.

With the /send 500 command and the @username you can send 500 Satoshis to a specific Telegram user.

If you would like to send 1000 Satoshi anonymously to a Telegram user, then the command /send anonymously is 1000 @username

Wallet Credits and Transactions

The /balance command can be used to query the current account balance of the wallet. You can also get information about the past activities with the wallet.

With the command /transaction you get the etzten 25 transactions displayed. The oldest transaction first. Transactions can be filtered by inbound and out transactions using the addition-in or-out.

Integrated apps

There are still numerous links with services and games, which can be accessed directly via the lntxbot.

The /apps command gives you a list of all available games and applications.

lntxbot Services
lntxbot Services

Just try out the games and applications. Further explanations and help can be found by entering the /help command with underscore and the name of the service.

If you don’t have Satoshis yet and don’t want to make a transfer from your Bitcoin Wallet, then you can get a few Satoshis for free by watching advertisements.

For each character in the ad text, you get an amount paid out in Milli-Satoshi (msats). You can decide for yourself what you want to receive at least.

If you want to get at least 15 msatoshi per character, enter the command: /sats4ads_on_15.

lntxbot sats4ads
lntxbot sats4ads

The ad text is then displayed in the Telegram Posting. You will also be shown how much will be credited to you.

You will see about 2-3 ads per day. You don’t have to click on the ads or unleash any activity. You can credit it at any time via /transactions


lntxbot Transaction Overview
lntxbot Transaction Overview

If you no longer want to receive ads, you can deactivate with /sats4ads_off at any time.

This post is also available in: German

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