Wallet of Satoshi

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Wallet of Satoshi

Wallet of Satoshi is a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you send and receive Lightning payments. The Wallet of Satoshi only supports Lightning.

It is a Custodial Wallet that does not require any configuration, convinces with its simplicity and focuses on user-friendliness.

The Wallet of Satoshi calls itself “The world’s simplest Lightning Wallet”.

This can be confirmed all round.

It’s all you need. No confusing frills. It is so easy and intuitive to use that even “your mum could use it”.

The perfect Lightning Wallet to get started in the world of Lightning Payments.

After starting the Wallet of Satoshi, you will not be annoyed with a registration process. You don’t have to write down a passphrase or anything like that. Simply install and get started right away.


All relevant information is already clearly displayed on the home screen.

Wallet of Satoshi Home Screen
Wallet of Satoshi Home Screen

You can immediately see his balance in Satoshi (1) and the equivalent in fiat currency (2).

Among them the last transaction (3) and with a swipe you can display all other transactions (4).

Since you will use a wallet primarily for payment, this button is also dominantly positioned (5).

For receiving payments, the Receive (6) button is available and behind the three dots with the red exclamation point (7) you will find the individual settings.

Pay with Lightning

To make a payment, we click on “Scan to Pay” (5) and immediately the camera is activated to scan the QR code. Since almost all payments are made by QR code, this is a sensible arrangement. For payments without QR code and importing the Invoice you will find it under the settings (7).

Receive Lightning

To get a few Satoshi on his wallet, we use the “Receive” function (6).

The following image appears.

Get Wallet of Satoshi Lightning
Get Wallet of Satoshi Lightning

This ad is enough to be sent by someone Lighting.

If you still want to set the amount, you click on “Add Custom Amount”.

Then you get to the following page to determine the amount.

Get Wallet of Satoshi Lightning
Get Wallet of Satoshi Lightning

If you want to forward the Lightning invoice, you copy the payment request to the clipboard.

To do this, simply tap the QR code and then pass on the content in the clipboard via email or WhatApp.

But what do I do if someone wants to send me Bitcoin but I want to receive Lightning?

This is no problem with the Wallet of Satoshi. Unlike the BlueWallet, there are no two sub-wallets.

Click on the Bitcoin icon, which is displayed to the right of the Lightning Flash.

Then the QR code opens for receiving Bitcoin instead of Lightning.

You can recognize by the symbol within the QR code what type of address it is.

Charge Wallet of Satoshi with Bitcoin
Charge Wallet of Satoshi with Bitcoin

It is re-advised that you should not have more credit on your wallet than cash in your wallet.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending Bitcoin or Lightning, it’s lightning.

Other settings options

In the Settings section, the wallet can be customized to your personal wishes.

The first point is “Paste Address”. Here it is possible to make a Lightning payment if no QR code can be used. At this point, the Lightning invoice can be inserted from the clipboard.

At the second position, the Fiat currency can be selected, which displays the Satoshi equivalent on the home screen.

After that, you can decide whether the Lightning credit should be displayed on the screen in Satoshi or Bitcoin.

To find the retailers where lightning can be used, you’ll find the “Find Merchant” and “Online Retailers” points.

Wallet of Satoshi other settings
Wallet of Satoshi other settings

Create Back Up

The most important point is the prompt to create a back-up. Since this was not used at the initial setup, this can be done at this point.

This is for your own safety if you lose your phone or delete the app.

You enter your email address in and click on “Login”

Sign Wallet of Satoshi
Sign Wallet of Satoshi

After clicking on Login, you will receive an email with two words.

These two words are entered in the app and click on Login.

Thus, the email address has been verified and if the mobile phone is lost, the credit can be restored.

These words are only required to verify the email address. You don’t have to write down the words to set up a backup later. The e-mail address is enough.

Conclusion on the Wallet of Satoshi

The Wallet of Satoshi is the best wallet we have tested in terms of ease of use. All relevant functions are available at a glance. No cluttered overload of features.

It is particularly pleasing that all functions are immediately available and that you can first test and try them out in peace.

If you are convinced of the wallet and use it regularly and have stored some credit on it, then you can create a backup.

The Wallet of Satoshi only supports Lightning. Accordingly, another wallet must be used for Bitcoin.

The Wallet of Satoshi is the perfect wallet to get started in the Lightning world.

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This post is also available in: German

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