BTCPay Server on the Raspiblitz

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Raspiblitz BTCPay Server


Raspiblitz BTCPay Server

BTCPay Server on the Raspiblitz

The Raspiblitz is a hardware node with which you can operate your own Bitcoin and Lightning Node. The Raspiblitz can be used as an additional application to run your own BTCPay server.

There are other hardware node providers like Nodl, MyNode and Umbrel, which also support BTCPay servers. With these providers, calling up the BTCPay server from the Internet is almost impossible and therefore only possible for use in your own home network.

As operators of a website or online store, customers should be able to pay with Bitcoin and Lightning. This requires that for payment processing the Internet online store interacts with the BTCPay server on the Raspiblitz in the home network.

The Raspiblitz offers a unique solution with the IP2TOR service.

If you want to operate your own hardware node with a BTCPay server to accept Bitcoin payments in your online store, the Raspiblitz is the right solution.

If you do not yet own a Raspiblitz, you can buy a Raspiblitz from Fulmo Shop as a complete hardware node. There you will also find instructions and further information, if you want to assemble a Raspiblitz yourself.

The following describes how to set up and operate the Raspiblitz for use with the BTCPay server.

Accessibility of the Raspiblitz BTCPay server via the Internet

In most cases the Raspiblitz is operated in a home network from home or office.

The use within the own network is usually unproblematic. The problem occurs when you try to access the Raspiblitz from outside.

However, this is necessary if, in the case of a Bitcoin payment via the online store, payment is processed via the BTCPay server.

External access from the Internet to the home network and thus to the Raspiblitz with the BTCPay server is prevented by the Internet provider and the connected router.

You usually only become aware of this problem when you want to connect your online store (for example WooCommerce) to the BTCPay server.

This does not work because the online store is on the Internet and tries to connect to the Raspiblitz BTCPay server in the home network.

Activation of TOR

This problem can be solved by calling the Raspiblitz BTCPay server via the Tor network.

Raspiblitz Node Settings

Via the Raspiblitz webinterface you can access the settings for “Node settings & options” under Settings

Accordingly, the field “Run behind Tor” must be activated under “Node Settings & Options”.

activation of Tor on the raspiblitz

Activate BTCPay Server on the Raspiblitz

activate raspiblitz BTCPay Server Services

After Tor has been set up on the Raspiblitz, we want to activate the BTCPay server and go to “Additional Services”.

Here the BTCPay Server is selected and confirmed with OK.

Activation Raspiblitz BTCPay Server
Raspiblitz BTCPay Server

After the installation has been successfully completed, the window shown on the right will appear:

Here we are told how we can access the BTCPay server within our local network via the internal IP address with any internet browser.

In addition, we receive the Tor address, which allows the BTCPay server to be accessed via a Tor browser. With the help of the TOR Browser Hidden Service address and a TOR Browser the Raspiblitz BTCPay Server can also be accessed from outside the home network.

With these two addresses the Raspiblitz BTCPay server can be called.

Set up Raspiblitz BTCPay Server

After the Raspiblitz BTCPay server has been activated, you first have to register and login on your own BTCPay server.

The first account created is automatically created as an administrator account.

Information about the administration of the BTCPay Server can be found under BTCPay Server Setup & Administration

Instructions for setting up BTCPay Stores on this BTCPay Server can be found here:

Reach Raspiblitz BTCPay Server from the Internet

Within the own network the Raspiblitz BTCPay server can be accessed with any normal internet browser via the IP address.

With a Tor Browser and the Tor Browser Hidden Service address the Raspiblitz BTCPay server can also be accessed from the Internet.

If a customer wants to pay with Bitcoin, a Bitcoin payment page is displayed. This payment page must be viewable with any Internet browser, as we cannot force the customer to use a TOR browser.

Therefore the Bitcoin payment page on the Internet is displayed as a normal Internet page and the request is forwarded as a TOR request via the TOR network to the Raspiblitz BTCPay server in the home network.

Therefore Raspiblitz offers a service called IP2TOR Bridge.

IP2TOR Bridge

The service IP2TOR is an additional service with costs, which can be booked separately.

The service is accessed via the main menu and then Subscribe – Manage Subscription.

Raspiblitz Subscription
IP2TOR Bridge Raspiblitz

The available Subscription Services are listed.

We select IP2TOR and get an overview of the available bridges. Accordingly we choose to open an IP2TOR bridge to BTCPay.

IP2TOR BTCPay Server Webinterface
Default IP2TOR Shop Address

Then we get the adjoining view.

An address is already displayed that starts with “fulmo”.

This is the default address and we have to use it.

We confirm the preset default address with OK.

Afterwards we are offered different TOR bridges. We choose one of them.

We have selected the TOR Bridge in Europe at the Frankfurt (eu-fra1) location.

This bridge costs 40 sats for setup and then 24 sats every 24 hours.

IP2TOR Bridge
IP2TOR Raspiblitz Europa Frankfurt

You will get an IP address, which will be forwarded to the TOR address of the BTCPay server.

After you have confirmed the setting by Agree.

If you get the adjoining hint

BTCPay Raspiblitz IP2TOR

And can access the BTCPay server via https://91.109.XXX.XXX:30422/Account/Login.

Lightning Direct Debit and Subscription Service

The fee for using the IP2TOR service is 40 sat setup fee and 24 sats every day.

The amount is automatically debited from the credit balance of your own Lightning Node on the Raspiblitz.

Lightning Direct Debit Subscription

It is a daily subscription, which is automatically debited from the Lightning credit on the Raspiblitz Lightning Wallet.

The payer does not have to confirm or release anything on his Lightning Node.

Permission for daily debiting was granted in the commissioning process.

Associate IP address with a domain

The IP address provided by the IP2TOR service should now be connected to a unique domain.

This can either be done with your own domain. If you do not have your own domain, you can set up a corresponding third-level domain with DuckDNS for free.

Your Own domain

If you have your own domain, you can create this IP address via a corresponding DNS entry at your domain provider.

There you can store the IP address you received from IP2TOR. Either to the main domain or to a sub-domain like for example with

DuckDNS Domain

If you do not want to use your own domain, you can get a third level domain from

You create a domain there and under current IP the IP address you got from IP2TOR is stored.

Create a DuckDNS Sub-Domain

Now the access to this domain must be secured and therefore Rasiblitz provides a certificate for LetsEncrypt under the subscription for free.

HTTPS with LetsEncrypt and

To have a secure https address we have to create a certificate. This certificate is associated with a domain and a DNS service.

The certificate is from LeEncrypt

Raspiblitz Letsencrypt Certificate

After creating a domain at, we go to the Subscription Management section of the Raspiblitz and select the LetsEncrypt HTTPS Domain service.

You get the hint that a DuckDNS account is required.

Subscription Letsencrypt DuckDNS
DuckDNS Account needed

Since we have already done this in advance, we already have the relevant data.

In the first step we are asked what our DuckDNS subdomain is.

We have created the domain coinpages and give

Coinpages or into the corresponding field.

DuckDNS Subdomain
DuckDNS token

Then we are asked for the token.

Then we have to decide which service is desired and select HTTPS for a IP2TOR Bridge.

HTTPS for a IP2TOR Bridge

Since we have already set up an IP2TOR subscription, this subscription will be displayed as a suggestion.


If we didn’t have an IP2TOR Subscription yet, we would now be asked to create an appropriate IP2TOR Subscription.

Then it takes a few seconds and the certificate is installed in the background.


After it has been successfully set up, you can go to My Subscription to view the successfully established IP2TOR connection and the secured HTTPS for the domain you have set up at DuckDNS.

Now you can access your BTCPay server directly from the Internet. Just enter the address generated by DuckDNS and add the addition with the port 30422.

This call can be made with any Internet browser. Calling the Internet address ensures that a fixed IP address is addressed. This IP address translates the request into the TOR address of the BTCPay server running on the Raspiblitz in the home network.

Summary Raspiblitz BTCPay Server

The Raspiblitz is an absolute recommendation if you want to run your own BTCPay server in your home network.

You can now easily connect your own online store from the Internet to your own BTCPay server.

With your own Raspiblitz you run your own Bitcoin node, Lightning node and BTCPay server on your own hardware and save the monthly hosting fees with a solution like Lunanode.

The other providers of hardware nodes such as Nodl, Mynode or Umbrel do not yet offer a solution how to operate the BTCPay server securely from the own home network.

If you do not yet own a Raspiblitz, you can buy a Raspiblitz from Fulmo Shop as a complete hardware node. There you will also find instructions and further information, if you want to assemble a Raspiblitz yourself.

More information about the Raspiblitz subscription for IP2TOR and HTTPS can be found here:

Information about Raspiblitz and the Raspiblitz Telegram Group



This post is also available in: German

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