Coinpages – The Bitcoin Directory

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Coinpages – The Bitcoin Directory

You want to be named on Coinpages and accept Bitcoin now? On this page you will learn how to accept Bitcoin in a retail store or online store and find references to further and detailed information.

Coincharge and Coinpages are partner sites that together ensure that merchants accept Bitcoin payments and are found on the Internet.

Coincharge helps with application examples, instructions and explanations that merchants accept Bitcoin payments.

Coinpages - The Bitcoin Directory

The Bitcoin yellow pages directory Coinpages in turn ensures that merchants can be found on the Internet by buyers who want to pay with Bitcoin.

To be included in the Bitcoin Branch Book of Coinpages, a merchant must accept Bitcoin and make this known on its website accordingly.

If you have ever made a Bitcoin payment yourself, you know that a Bitcoin Wallet is required to receive Bitcoin payments.

In an online store this Bitcoin Wallet must be available around the clock and in a store during opening hours.

Having your own store on a BTCPay server ensures that you can receive Bitcoin payments at any time. You can run your own BTCPay Server (1) or use a BTCPay Store on an existing BTCPay Server.

At Coincharge operates such a BTCPay server, which you can use for free.

In the article “How to set up a BTCPay Store” (2) you will learn how to set up and administer your own BTCPay Store (3).

So that your customers’ Bitcoin can be credited directly to your account, you can either deposit the XPub Key from an existing Bitcoin Wallet (4) or use the internal BTCPay Wallet (5)

On the basis of this BTCPay store, there are numerous applications and apps with which the interaction between the customer (payer) and the merchant (payee) is now handled.

These applications are similar to the payment terminals located next to the checkout in a store to process credit card payments.

Accept Bitcoin in a retail store

If you run a retail store, in a physical store, then payment terminals next to the checkout are not unknown to you.

These payment terminals are also known as Point of Sale or PoS for short. A simple and uncomplicated solution is presented in the article. “Accepting Bitcoin in the store”. (6)

With this solution, the purchase amount to be paid is entered in Euro (or other currency) and the Bitcoin amount to be paid is displayed in the form of a QR Code. The buyer can pay with his cell phone Wallet comfortably in the store.

Accept Bitcoin in a retail store

As a merchant, no special hardware is required. Any Internet-capable smartphone can be used for this purpose. The store owner or one of his employees calls up a specific Internet page, where the purchase amount is then entered. For example, such a website looks like this:

A somewhat more comprehensive solution is presented in the article “Bitcoin Pos Terminal” (6)

POS Terminal

The difference to the previous solution is that products can still be stored in the system. It corresponds rather to a more extensive POS terminal solution. This solution may be suitable for restaurants if you want to store the menu in order to calculate the invoice amount.

To get started, we recommend the simple version, where only the purchase amount needs to be entered. This solution can be used without restriction by anyone who wants to receive Bitcoin payments personally. Be it as the owner of a retail store, a craftsman or service provider on site with his customer or simply wherever you are with your smartphone.

But your employees can also receive Bitcoin payments for you with their own smartphones.

Once you have everything set up, add your store to Coinpages in the Retail Store category or in a suitable subcategory so that potential buyers can find your retail store.

Accept Bitcoin in Online Shop

If you already run your own online store, you can add Bitcoin as another payment method with just a few clicks.

Depending on which online store software you use, you will find appropriate modules and plugins.

The article “Accept Bitcoin in the online store” offers you a good introduction (8)

If you use WooCommerce as an online store, you will find in the article “Accept Bitcoin payments with WooCommerce” (8)

The article “Accepting Bitcoin payments with Shopify” explains how to accept Bitcoin with Shopify.

Bitcoin Shopify

You can also let Coincharge do the integration of Bitcoin in your WooCommerce online store. You can place a corresponding order under Products & Services.

Bitcoin WooCommerce

This post is also available in: German

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