BTC Paywall for WordPress by LNbits

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BTC Paywall for WordPress by LNbits

BTC Paywall is a WordPress plugin that allows you to charge for WordPress content.

As usual, the reader arrives at an article whose beginning can be read normally.

From a position determined by the publisher, there is a payment button. From this point on the contribution is protected by a paywall.

After successful payment via Lightning, the BTC Paywall is removed and the reader can enjoy the complete article undisturbed.

Payment is made by Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. Thus articles can be accounted for in the equivalent of a few cents. The reader does not have to register and can activate the article quickly, easily and anonymously. The reader does not have to go through a lengthy registration process or take out a subscription if all he wants to do is read an article.

The WordPress Plugin presented here comes from High Level Bitcoin and the credit of Lightning payments made will be credited to the LNbits Wallet.

Whoever runs his website under WordPress can now offer his WordPress content (blog, pages, videos, etc) for a fee with the BTC Paywall.

For this you need WordPress as well:

  • BTC Paywall WordPress Plugin from High Level Bitcoin
  • Wallet by LNbits

BTC Paywall WordPress Plugin

The BTC Paywall WordPress plugin can be downloaded from the Github site Alternatively it can be found in the WordPress search and then installed in its own WordPress installation.

BTC Paywall Wordpress Settings

The BTC Paywall is configured via the WordPress menu under Settings. Here you will find the new sub-item BTC Paywall.

When configuring BTC Paywall, you must specify where Lightning payments are to be credited.

LNbits are used to manage the Lightning credit. LNbits is a Lightning Account System.

You have the possibility to set up a Lightning Wallet on Then you use the existing Lightning Account System of LNbits.

But you can also run your own LNbits server. If you have your own raspiblitz, you can unlock LNbits yourself with a few clicks.

Further information about LNbits can be found in the article: LNbits – Lightning Wallet and Account System

Create a Lightning Wallet with LNbits

In our example we go to the page of

LNbits Homepage

On the LNbits homepage we think of a name for our wallet and click on “Add a new Wallet”.

We get to the administration page of our LNbits Wallet.

To get back to the backend of our LNbits Wallet at a later time, we have to save the URL or bookmark it.

In the upper right field we receive various information about our Lightning Wallet. For the BTC Paywall we need the information of Invoice/read key:

LNbits Wallet

The Invoice/read key is stored with WordPress. For this we open > Settings> BTC Paywall at WordPress

BTC Paywall Wordpress settings

In the field LNBits url the internet address of the LNbits server where the LNbits Wallet is located is entered. If we run an own LNbits server, then the own URL. In our case we use the server provided by LNbits and enter this Url.

In the field LNBits api key we enter the Invoice/read key.

We will not make any further changes to the settings for the time being. Then we save the settings and will include a paywall in a blog post.

Embed BTC Paywall in blog post

Within the blog post, at the point where the post is to be paid, the adjacent code is inserted.

The amount is given in Satoshi (sats). In our case the article should cost 50sats.

The end of the chargeable contribution is completed with the code.

BTC Paywall for WordPress by LNbits 1

Click on the Read More button below to unlock the text that is behind the BTC paywall.

An overview of other providers of Lightning paywall solutions can be found in the article: Lightning Paywall Provider

This post is also available in: German

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