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WordPress Lightning Paywall für den BTCPay Server von Coincharge

The Lightning Paywall by Coincharge is a WordPress plugin to distribute texts and blog posts with Bitcoin and Lightning.

Besides texts, the Lightning Paywall also supports the sale of digital goods such as videos, software downloads or links to further information.

Lightning payments are processed via a BTCPay server.

The WordPress plugin supports the most popular editors like WPBakery, Elementor and Gutenberg. However, the payment block can be included as a shortcode.

Wordpress Lightning Paywall

For more information on WP Lightning Paywall, check out the post: WordPress Lightning Paywall for Coincharge’s BTCPay Server.

Lightning Publisher for WordPress von Lightning Charge

Lightning Publisher for wordpress

The Lightning Publisher for WordPress is a WordPress plugin from the provider Lightning Charge.

The solution requires a C-Lightning implementation and the operation of a dedicated BTCPay server.

You then install Lightning Charge on your server and a variety of different apps are available, including the Lightning Publisher solution.

You install the WordPress Plugin and insert the paywall code into the respective text. The Lightning credits are issued on the own C-Lightning Node.

A detailed description including installation instructions can be found at Lightning Publisher for Wordpress


LNbits offers a lightning wallet and account system.

Within this LNbits wallet system extensions are offered. With this extension the most different applications based on Lightning can be realized.

One of these applications is a paywall solution.

With this paywall solution you pay for a continuing link. The publisher sets a continuing link to a new page. When the reader has paid, he is redirected to the activated page.

The unlocked page can be the full article, but also lead to a video or a download link.

LNbits Paywall

As an example we have created a paywall for a link that points to a YouTube video.

Follow this link: and the payment page will appear. Click on the checkmark and the QR code for payment will appear.

When you pay the 100sats, you will be redirected to the YouTube page of LNbits.

A detailed description of the possibilities of LNbits can be found in the article: LNbits Lightning Wallet and Account System

BTC Paywall für WordPress von LNbits

There is also a WordPress plugin from LNbits. If you have opened an account with LNbits, as described above, then you can also integrate the LNbits paywall on your WordPress site with the WordPress plugin.

The reader comes to a page where the payment button is displayed after a preview text.

BTC Paywall Wordpress LNbits

For more information and instructions on how to set up BTC Paywall on your own WordPress instance, see the post: BTC Paywall for WordPress by LNbits.

LNPay Lightning Paywall Generator

With the Lightning Paywall Generator from LNPay you create the contribution on your own page and place the link behind a paywall. If you have registered with LNPay, you can set the link to your post. To do this, specify a brief description and the amount for which the item is to be sold.

A new url is then generated, which can be presented to your customers. If paid with Lightning, the reader is redirected to the unlocked url.

paywall Link

To try out a payment at LNPay, follow this link: After successful payment of 50sats (equivalent to about half a cent) you will be redirected to this page.




Yalls is a platform where publishers can publish their own articles and earn Lightning when readers pay for the article.

To publish your own article, the author must pay a small fee. If you want to earn income from the article, you have to run your own Lightning Node. The corresponding node ID is then stored when the article is created and the Lightning payment receipts are then credited to your own node.

If a reader wants to read an article, he pays with Lightning and the proceeds go to the author. To read articles only, every Lightning Wallet is suitable. An own Lightning Node is only necessary if you want to publish articles yourself and generate income from them.

We have published an article on Yalls. Via this link

you get to the article and can unlock the article.

This post is also available in: German

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