BTCPay Server Hosting

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BTCPay Server Hosting

BTCPay Server Hosting


BTCPay Server Hosting – Hosting your own Bitcoin Payment Server

The BTCPay server must run on its own server and be available on the Internet at all times. BTCPay Server Hosting can be done on a self-hosted server, run on a hoster, or be used as a third-party hosting on an existing server.

We briefly present the various possibilities:

Own BTCPay Server Hosting

Setting up and operating your own BTCPay server is the solution for technically experienced users and administrators.

Under the domain

there is a configuration wizard to help you configure your own BTCPay server.

BTCPay Server Hosting Configurator

BTCPay Server Hosting Configurator

The configurator walks through the appropriate requirements and completes a collection of commands that must be executed on its own server to install the appropriate components.


If you are afraid to set up and configure your own server, you can purchase a pre-installed complete box. These are servers the size of a cigar box with a variety of components and services pre-installed. These boxes essentially serve to allow the owner to run their own Bitcoin Node, as well as a Lightning Node. In addition to the operation of a node, the complete blockchain and an Electrum server, a BTCPay server is also installed as an additional function.

For the sole operation of a BTCPay server, this function is not all mandatory. As the operator of your own nodes, you contribute to the security of the entire Bitcoin network and it promotes independence and sovereignty.

The different suppliers of the different nodes, which are offered as a complete solution, can be found at Coinpages in the category Node-in-a-box

BTCPay Server Hosting Provider

The professional BTCPay Server Hosting solution is recommended for:

  • Bitcoin Payments
  • Lightning Payments
  • Professional business commitment

For this solution, it is recommended to run your own BTCPay server with a hoster.

LunaNode is a hoster who specializes in hosting BTCPay servers.

Here you will find detailed instructions on how to set up and configure a BTCPayServerat the Hoster Lunanode .

BTCPay Third-Party Hosting

The BTCPay server is multi-shop capable. This means that several shops and applications can be created and operated per user.

So-called BTCPay Third-Party hosts offer the possibility to create their shop on their servers.

For a list of third-party providers, see BTCPay Third-Party Hosts

Using a BTCPay Third Party Hoster is very cheap and an ideal beginner’s solution.

Free BTCPay Shop from Coincharge

Coincharge also offers a free demo of BTCPay Shop under

The free demo BTCPay Shop offers the possibility to familiarize yourself with the BTCPay solution. You can try and experiment with rum.

The demo access is available for test purposes. It should not be used for a business, as no guarantee or permanent availability is guaranteed.

No support or support is provided.

This demo access is only suitable for testing purposes.

To the Coincharge Demo Shop


If you want to explore the possibilities of the BTCPay server in depth, you will decide on your own BTCPay server hosting. Either on its own server, as a node-in-the-box solution or with a hosting provider such as LunaNode.

For a professional trader who wants to accept Bitcoin in his online shop or in the store, the hosted BTCPay server hosting solution is recommended.

With all solutions, a standalone BTCPay server can be operated without restriction. All hosted solutions are suitable to receive Bitcoin and Lightning payments.

A third-party solution is suitable to accept Bitcoin payments. Payments via Lightning cannot (yet) be received. Lightning payment processing requires a standalone BTCPay server.

If you want to do without Lightning and only want to receive Bitcoin payments, you can resort to the cost-effective solution of a third-party hoster. If you are still a little unsure which solution is the right one for you, you can play around and try something out on the free demo version.

For all professional merchants, a dedicated hosted BTCPayServer is the right choice. We recommend hosting a BTCPayServer at LunaNode for less than €10 per month.

We will set up the appropriate server, we explain here. Setting up LunaNode

This post is also available in: German