Create a Lightning Alias

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Lightning Alias


How to create a Lightning Alias

Your own Lightning Node has a unique Node ID consisting of over 50 letters and numbers which looks like this:


Coincharge was chosen as the Lightning Alias so that other nodes in the channel overview can better see with which nodes a connection exists.

Lightning Alias

This Lightning Alias can be freely defined and is stored on the Lightning Node.

How to assign a Lightning Alias to your own Lightning Node is explained in this article.

We explain how a Lightning alias is changed at Lunanode and at a Docker installation. Then follows the instructions for setting up the Lightning Alias for the hardware nodes of Nodl and Raspiblitz.

Create Lightning Alias at Lunanode

To give your Lightning Node a Lightning Alias, you need to log on to your server via SSH.

To do this, you need to log on to the server where the Lightning Node is running using the Terminal (Mac) or PuTTY (Windows) applications.

If you have your BTCPay server running with the Lightning Node at Lunanode, you will find the access data in the Lunanode backend.

The username for Lunanode is Ubuntu and the password is displayed next to it.

The name of the server is called

Whereby XXXX must be replaced by the own server name.

LunaNode Backend

Access to the server consists of the username before the @ sign followed by the name of the server such as

Create Lightning Alias at Docker / Virtual Machine (VM)

Then open the Terminal or PuTTY window on your computer and enter the command ssh followed by the username, the @ sign and then the name of your server.

Terminal Eingabe

That should look something like this:


Then you click on Enter and are asked to enter the password for the server.

Then the following commands are entered and confirmed with Enter at the end:

sudo su

cd /root/btcpayserver-docker

Now you have to choose a name for your Lightning Node. This name is inserted between the brackets instead of insertnamehere:


The BTCPay must then be restarted and this is done with the command:

. -i

Set up Lightning Alias on the Nodl

If you own a hardware node from the provider Nodl, you can change the Lightning alias name via the Nodl backend.

You register on your nodl and then go to the LND area.

There you click on Details and Setting.

Lightning Alias Nodl
Enter Lighning Alias at Nodl

At the bottom of the page there is the field Alias (public name for your node)

Here you can enter the name and save it.


If you own a Raspiblitz, you can change your Lightning Alias in the menu item Name (Change Name / Alias of Node).

Set Lightning Alias Raspiblitz
Set Raspiblitz Lightning Alias

There you enter the desired name and confirm the entry with OK.

Changing the Lightning alias may take some time to spread it around the Lightning network.

To check the distribution, you can search for your own Lightning Node at and check if the Lightning alias is already displayed.

This post is also available in: German

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