BTCPay Server Update

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This article explains how to update the BTCPay server to the current version. How to do a BTCPay server update.

BTCPay Server Update

The BTCPay server is constantly developed and updated. As well as the various services, such as Transmuter, the Lightning Services LND and C-Lightning, such as Ride the Lightning (RTL) and the numerous other services and programs that interact with the BTCPay server.

The current version of BTCPay Server and other services can be found here:

BTCPay Server Update 1

If there is a different version on the bottom right side of your BTCPay server page than on the github page, you should make an update.

You go to the Server Settings area and there to Maintenance.

There you click on Update.

Update BTCPay Server Settings Maintenance

If the message “The server might restart soon if an update is available… (this page won’t reload automatically)”, then everything is fine so far.

BTCPay Server Update Maintenance

After some time you do a reload from the page and on the bottom right you should see the new, current version number. At the same time all other services are updated as well, as shown on the Github version page.

It may be that the latest version is not always available here. These services can only be updated after they have been tested for compatibility with the BTCPay server. If a quick update of these services is important to you, you can create an issue via Github and point out the urgency.

When creating the issue, the following questions should be asked and answered by you:

  • Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
  • Describe the solution you’d like
  • Provide examples

BTCPay update via Maintenance was NOT successful.

If it was not possible to perform an update via the maintenance page, a manual update can still be performed.

You have to register on the server via terminal or PuTTY.

If you host your BTCPay server at Lunanode, you will find the access data in the Lunanode backend:

LunaNode Backend

Then open the Terminal or PuTTY window on your computer and enter the command ssh followed by the username, the @-sign and then the name of your server.

That should look something like this: ssh

Terminal Eingabe

Then you will be asked to enter your password.

Then you will be asked to enter the word Yes.

To update the server, enter the following commands:

sudo su -

Do not forget the hyphen behind the su. If you then press Enter, a new Update will be installed on your server.

Afterwards your BTCPay server and the corresponding services and programs should be up to date.

This post is also available in: German

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